Post-Summer Health Drive!

September 22nd, 2014

Hi there, after a summer of much experimenting and food festivaling,  where I managed to discover some great new soup recipes whilst also sharing my knowledge to other soup enthusiasts, I have begun to notice that my waistline has paid the ultimate price. So naturally, I decided it was time for me to knuckle down and shed some pounds.

To be honest, I’ve never really been an exercise freak and never set foot in a gym in my lifetime so I didn’t rally know where to start. I’d already decided to myself that I was never going to use any muscle building supplements like formula t10 which a lot of my friends use. It just isn’t the kind of person I am. (check out my formula t-10 review here)

However, I did feel it was necessary to reach out to my gym-loving friends for a little advice on how to get started. I was told to start off by just jogging regularly, three times a week was optimal and if I want to get into more they would introduce me to the wonderful world of the gym-freak.

So how’s it all going I hear you ask. Well, I’ve been jogging 3 times a week as recommended for 5 miles each time for 2 weeks now and I’m starting to feel like pre-summer again. Hopefully this new found energy will help me go further and building some much needed muscle.

I will be update you guys again on my progress and of course bringing you some brilliant new recipes very soon!


What’s your favourite after soup vape?

September 18th, 2014

Here in Hungary, soup is a serious deal. Hungary’s rich history is surrounded by soup making and general soup tasting.

What is also traditional is the love for a post-meal smoke. However, if like me you have recently switched from conventional smoking to e cigarettes, then the after dinner smoke is now the after dinner ‘vape‘.

For all you non-vapers reading this, you can probably ignore this post because it will not interest you. However, if you are a vaper, I can guarantee that the liquid I have been using is probably the best on the market.

I started vaping about 2 months ago after I suddenly realised that I had been smoking for 20 years! At first it was hard but after the first grueling week I was on the e cig full-time. I have been experimenting with various different flavours for a while and I think I have finally hit the jackpot. The brand is called eshish and they are just right strength for me (20%) and have a wide range of excellent flavours.

e shisha

Eshish are a london-based company and customer service is top notch. They specialise in fruity flavours so if you’re a vaper into your fruit then eshish are for you. My current flavour is pineapple and coconut which I will definitely be getting more of, however, I am still keen to try every flavour that eshish has to offer.

If you’re looking for eshish in the uk, then my preferred vendor is Vapetime, good customer service and super fast delivery so I am never without a decent liquid in my vapouriser. VapeTime are also one of the UK’s only suppliers of Suicide bunny e liquid.

I will be doing a following post in a few weeks updating everyone on my vaping exploits and whether I have found a new favourite eliquid.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions for what you want me to write about (doesn’t have to be soup related but it helps!).






Leves Recept is back!

September 16th, 2014

Welcome to the new look Leves Recept!

Here we will discussing the best (and worst) of the latest Hungarian Soup Recipes.

Get Ready for some great new recipes!